“Laughter is especially important when it comes to Crohn’s. Let’s face it. Talking about Crohn’s means talking about what comes out of your butt. That’s kind of hard on a first date. But I’ve made it work for me because…wait for it…I just don’t care. Instead of building a cathedral of shame around a disease I didn’t ask for, I own it like a pair of high-priced designer jeans. Within a couple minutes of meeting me, if we veer anywhere near the subject of food or the bathroom, you’ll know within seconds that I have Crohn’s, because I will have made you laugh about it. I’ll tell you to use the bathroom before me, because the smells I make could kill a dragon.
So that’s why, 10 years later, I’m still spreading the message of healing through humor. People with IBD need to understand that they have something precious that on one else has:their story.

… If you approach your Crohn’s from a place of laughter, it will instill laughter in those around you and nothing makes you feel better. After all, poop is funny.”

— Ben Morrison in the Crohn’s Advocate


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